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We heart this town.

We seek out ways to help those in need.

Please join us in loving Denton the best we can.

loving and serving denton, texas.

the sole purpose iheartdenton exists to raise awareness of the needs of those living in denton and also raise funds in order to tangibly help those in need. we feel any blessings we have received should not terminate on ourselves.

about us

Help Begins with Money

Though time and talents can be leveraged in massive ways to serve those in need around our town, providing tangible for tangible needs requires capital; money. Through iheartdenton, we raise money by selling t-shirts and decals. 100% of all money received either through giving or selling merchandise is infused back into the community. The most notable way we provide for Denton is through the distribution of free efficient window A/C units, box fans and space heaters.

Join Together to Help

If you are not looking, you can often miss the needs that are immanent in Denton, TX. But despite us wearing blinders sometimes, the needs of our town are mounting. We want, through the help of other companies in town, to continue encouraging the giving back to Denton. To that end, please take time to patron local shops who are aligned with our mission. You will find some of those businesses listed on our site.

      WHO WE ARE.

      iheartdenton was created and is operated by the four Rozell boys. we know that our friendship is rare and we treasure being able to live and serve in the same town. though it is just us four who run “IHD” we want more people on board with our mission: to serve those in need within our town. please buy a shirt and a decal and wear it proudly, but also find a way that you can use your time and talents to give back to Denton.